Lifestyle: 7 Tips To Become A Positive Person

Why hello there, I missed you guys and I wanna thank you guys for 91 followers! I’m almost at 100 Followers and without you guys that wouldn’t be possible so I wanna thank every single one of you guys and tell you guys that I appreciate you guys. I think every last one of you makes me wanna work harder on my blog. It’s a new week and a new day! Today I will be getting back into my lifestyle posts and I will be doing lifestyle post every Sunday from now on. I meant to do this yesterday but I had a tiring weekend but without further ado, let’s get into 7 Tips To Become A Positive Person.

Tip #1 – Go To Bed Early And Get Up Early


I think this tip is very important because when I stay up late and sleep late I tend to be very grouchy and not nice when I don’t get my rest. Try to go to sleep before 12 midnight not right at 12 midnight because it takes a while to go to sleep so try to go to sleep early to give you more time to get to sleep. Set up a routine every morning and night I actually like to watch those types of videos on youtube. I think it’s important to have a routine to keep you organized so you’re not all over the place in the morning and at night.

Tip #2 – Eat Healthy


I know eating healthy is super hard for a lot of people and it’s kinda hard for me because my grandma and I are very close and so she always brings me junk food and little desserts when she comes to see me which is almost every week but me and her are working on eating healthy and when we do we feel very amazing also very cleansed. Eating healthy just makes you more vibrant and happy that you’re feeding your body good foods and being on the path of living longer.

Tip #3 – Surround yourself with positive influences


I strongly believe that who you hang out with in life is gonna make you who you are. If you hang out or be around people who are positive you will become a positive person and if you hang out with people who are constantly negative and you are trying to fit in with that crowd you are most likely gonna turn into the people who you hang around. I would suggest befriending people who are positive, kind, has goals and wants to do better in their life. I read a book which I am currently reading right now Every day By David Levithan and in this book I read that the people who are nice just put on a front and they are not sincere, the people who are kind are actually very amazing people and don’t have to front when around people. Try to surround yourself with kind positive people!

Tip #4 – Practice Positivity

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

For practicing positivity there is a lot you can do, such as going outside, reading more books, dance or even sing out loud to a song you love, meditate, lay in bed and listen to a playlist of songs you love, play with your pet, etc. Practicing positivity to me is very easy when you practice it every day. Practicing will put you on the path to become a better person.

Tip #5 – Smile


I’m actually working on this tip because I really hate my smile because of my really high cheek bones but lately, I’ve been smiling a lot more. When people smile at me I actually smile right back or I’ll even wave to say hello. Smiling really is something we should do every day and when I smile I feel happy. Every day try to smile or even smile back at others when they smile at you. Smiling is definitely a good positive tip because when your smiling you are happy and that makes other people around you happy.

Tip #6 – Set Goals


When you set goals you are putting yourself in the position of doing something that you really wanna achieve in your life. I had always wanted a blog ever since I was like 10 and now I’m 16 and I finally have one that is set up how I like it and I have some amazing followers too. When I achieved this goal I felt really happy and I think that’s what setting goals are about, you set goals and you achieve them and you feel like you can do absolutely anything in your life and that anything is possible with hard work and dedication also try to motivate yourself or find things that you think will motivate you.

Tip #7 – Say ‘Thank you’


The most important tip on the list is to always say thank you and to always be thankful for what you have and try not to think about the things you don’t have. I have practiced saying thank you so much that I even say it when It’s just little things. Practice saying thank you and thank anyone in your life who has done something in your life for you because it will make both you and that person feel really good. Always say thank you because you never know what could happen tomorrow so right there you should say thank you.

I hope you all like my lifestyle post for this week and down below in the comments tell me some tips that you have to become a positive person. 💖

*All of the pictures used in this post are from Tumblr and my Tumblr name is illuminate-soul if you wanna follow me. I tried to use pictures that make me feel positive like flowers.


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