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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Ways To Read During Life

Bonjour! Today I will be doing Top Ten Tuesday and for Top Ten Tuesday this week, I will be telling you ten different ways you can read during your life.

Read while you wait for transportation-

I know a lot of us humans don’t have cars which is absolutely fine but I think if your gonna be waiting for a bus, train, or a cab you should bring a book to be productive while you are waiting. When I’m just waiting for transportation I really get my reading in because I’ll be busy for the rest of that day.

Read in class-

Reading in class is something everyone should do especially when you finish your work. I am homeschooled and It doesn’t take long for me to finish my work so when I finish my work I have the rest of the day to read and blog but if you are in a regular class try to read when you finish your work/test, read when you have free time at school and I know some schools have reading time which is what I had before I started to homeschool. Try to get as much reading in at school and in class.

Read before you go to bed-

Reading before bed is something I love to do simply because it has my mind thinking while I’m in bed before I fall asleep and sometimes I even have good dreams about the book I’m reading. Reading before bed helps the mind in my opinion and when you read before bed you are getting a lot of reading in for that night. Even if you just read one chapter at least you’re getting some reading in before you shut your eyes for the night.

Read while walking-

I know that this one can be hard and sometimes it’s not safe but make sure to look up every now and then to look where you are going. Reading while walking helps to get some of that reading in before you get to your destination so try to bring a book with you at all times because you may be walking or you may have free time to read.

Read while eating-

While you are eating you should get into reading but make sure you are eating dry foods because foods that can possibly mess up books are bad! Eat little snacks such as crackers, granola, baby carrots, nuts, bread, etc.

Read while watching tv-

While you are watching tv you should read a book. I like to read during commercials so instead of sitting there for 5 whole minutes being impatient and doing nothing I just decide to read the book I’m currently reading. It’s better than doing nothing so pick up a book!

Read instead of going on social media-

I know social media is life but sometimes I just have to take a break from it and just read a book. Social media is really not good to be on every day all day so just take a break and read a book. You could even go outside and read or even get into bed and read a book.

Read while traveling-

I know some of you may not like reading while traveling because you wanna relax but still try to get some reading in even if it’s just a chapter or two. You could even bring a book that has the same setting like if you’re in New York bring a book that is set in New York.

Read on a road trip-

You are gonna be stuck in the car for a couple of hours depending on where you are going so you might as well bring some books to read. I know from experience that road trips can get very boring because you’re really just in a car but this is a great time to get the reading in.

Read when you’re doing nothing-

The best one out of them all is to read when you are doing absolutely nothing. Find a book you are really interested in and find a place you like and just read. It is still summer and no school so that means we are not that busy and we have more time to read.

I hope you liked Top Ten Tuesday for this week and comment on some other ways we could read in our life down below! 💖




3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Ways To Read During Life”

  1. And my most favorite one – and the one I’m seriously missing ever since I moved in with my boyfriend – is reading in bath! A bubblish, relaxing bath with a book.. Heaven!
    [But I no longer have a bath so boo..]

    I’ve also established that reading while walking is not smart when you’re clumsy. I’ve banged walls and doors a couple of times already, being too engrossed in a book, haha.

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